You Are What Love Looks Like

Everything you do and everything you are is gorgeous.

I don’t mean you’re physically attractive, though I’ve always thought you were, but your heart is so pretty. I want to see it on every sign, in every store window, on the side of every bus.

You could end homelessness and hunger with your never ending kindness and compassion. You could grow flowers in the creases of your smile.

There are no limits to your beauty.

The thought that you don’t like yourself wrecks me, because I didn’t call you “sunshine” for no reason. I look at you and I see hope, and light, and safety, and peace.

You have the power to change the world, and you can make a difference.

Because of you I have grown stronger, and I have learned to appreciate the beauty of life and the things around me. You have passed some of your light on to me, and I will carry my torch through the world so maybe we can reach the people together, despite the distance between us.