The Fall

It feels a bit like I’m falling from the highest of heights into the deepest depths of darkness,

Every so often I catch hold of something and pull myself onto a ledge, but my ledges are faulty and they always let go, and I find myself plummeting into the darkest of holes.

But what if I believed that Your arms were long enough to reach me and pull me up, and You were strong enough to hold me?

Would I allow You to save me from my fiery death? Would I let myself be taken from this familiar darkness?

There’s no point in denying because I guess You already know, sometimes I enjoy the falling. After all, it’s far easier to fall than it is to climb, but You’re not asking me to climb up out of this hell by myself, You’re asking me to stop falling, stand still and wait for You to carry me home.

So if You’re listening now, I’m waiting here on what appears to be the last shaky ledge before I hit the ground.

If You’re listening now, I believe Your arms are more than strong enough, and I believe You’ll help me out.