The Words We Speak (Part 2) — Mental Health Post #26

Hello, hello Friends 🙂 Yesterday I rewrote that awful “addiction recovery” commercial (check out that post here. Link opens in new window), but today I wanted to help rewrite some everyday situations.

Here are a few things not to say about (and DO NOT say these things directly TO) someone with a mental illness, and some things you could say and/or do instead.

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The Words We Speak (Part 1) — Mental Health Post #25

All right, Friends, I had a few different ideas about what I wanted to post today but none of them were really working out when I sat down to write them, and then I saw a commercial and I found my topic.

Let me start by clarifying, this is more of a rant than anything, but I am both disappointed and disgusted by the way people talk about mental health in general, especially the ones involved in “helping” in the recovery process.

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