I Believe In You — Mental Health Post #18

Hello Friends!

Today’s post is a little different from everything else I’ve posted this month, but I just feel it’s important to have some positivity.

I just wanted to tell you that even if we don’t know each other, I think you’re great and I will never, ever stop believing in you.

EVERYBODY has potential.
Everybody has a story to tell.
I desperately want to see you succeed and I know you can win this war.
I want to read your bestseller, whether that be metaphorical or literal.

You have so much worth.
You matter.
I hope with my whole being that you’ve been told that before and this isn’t the first time you’re hearing it, but I really hope it rings true for you now. You’re so important, no matter what anybody has told you, or what you’ve come to believe about yourself.



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