The Calendar — Mental Health Post #13

I’m a bit of a contradiction in the sense that I anxiously watch clocks and become obsessed with thoughts of seconds, minutes and hours passing, but I rarely change the calendar. I’m not sure why that is, but I stress about what I need to do, or the things coming in the near future.
If you’ve ever been around a child during a round of hide-and-seek you’re probably familiar with the scene I’m about to describe: the child hides in an obvious (and often highly visible) place, and you, the “seeker” must pretend for a few minutes that you cannot find the child. The logic of children presumably being, if I can’t see them, they can’t see me! *Giggles*

That’s how I feel about changing the calendar. If I don’t see it coming, it won’t ever get here, even though it always does.
Until last night, my calendar was still showing me all of the days in February even though they’re long gone now, but an interesting thing happened to me when I was finally righting the date. It suddenly hit me that it doesn’t matter whether I watch the days or not, they’re going to pass anyway so I might as well do something with them.


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