Don’t Ask Me How I’m Doing — Mental Health Post #11

Look, I get it, it’s the “normal” thing to do but if you ask me how I’m doing, I’m going to come out with the truth.
I may very well be a mess,
Maybe I’m on my way to becoming an emotional wreck,
I might even be crumbling into a million little pieces without a clue how to fix it.

And you might still expect me to say I’m okay, but I’m not okay so why should I have to say I am?

If that makes you uncomfortable, I’m sorry. But as hard as I try, I’ll never understand this urge we have to outright lie to the people who claim to care about us. We shouldn’t have to wear poker faces everyday of our lives just because we’re human beings and we experience struggles!
Why do we as a human race, but especially those of us living with mental health struggles, feel the need to say we’re doing great, or that we’re feeling fine, when all we want is to curl up in our beds and die?

What is fine but the tip of a pen?

“I’m fine.” That’s what everyone says.
Well, I’m done with the lies.
I’m not fine, and I’m not okay, and I’m certainly not having the time of my life, so why should I act that way?
Bottom line: don’t ask me how I’m doing if you don’t want to know.


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