Mental Health Month Post #1

“There’s a time to be silly, and there’s a time to be serious.” The Bellybutton Song from Veggietales

After that “Editing Song” post from yesterday, this is my time to be serious.

(I realize now that maybe starting this series of posts with a quote from Veggietales is not the best way to do that, but here we go!)

I know I’m starting five days late, but I’m going to try to post something every day for the rest of this month about my experiences with mental health and some things that “work” for me and other things that don’t, as well as a few old poems and thoughts from my journals.


Please keep in mind, these are MY experiences and I am not offering any solutions to anybody’s problems, especially considering the fact that I haven’t even “solved” my own problems, I’ve just figured out how to live with them (most of the time, anyway!) and I’m going to just be completely honest with you about my experiences.

It’s 2016 and the stigma surrounding mental illness and mental health need to stop, and until the day my heart stops beating, I will continue to talk about this. We’ve lost too many people to stay silent anymore.

I apologize in advance if I ramble on too much.

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